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14 October 2009 @ 05:03 pm
Masterlist: Servants of the Dark  
Drabbles to an original fic in progress.

Summary: Those from Above forgot the pact, and those from Below want to break it. This deals with Upworlders and Those of the Dark, the age-long pact that few remember and some want to break. It also deals with the unwritten pact that forms between one from Above and one from Below, and the blood shed between them.

The Pact - Do you know how we make pacts, bird?

The Doves - The candle did little to light the vast darkness: that was not its purpose.

The Guard's Candle - She would not sully her skin with a half-victory or mercy, place her word out for others to see.

Birdie in a Cage - It’s been such a long time since I had a new toy.

Truce - She is curious about colours. The red of blood, the velvet-blue of a night sky, the colours of a fire...

Fear The Stars - Those lights, they had moved, and they were brighter, sharper, than they had been.

Above Ground - Upstairs, outside, under the sky: here he was master of the two.

Turn-About - She was all speed now, ducking and weaving, cutting when she could.